The “Wanderlust” Program – Explore Romania

The „Wanderlust“ program was born from the need to counter-attack a phenomenon that has been taking place in Romania for more than two decades, namely an exodus of young people who choose to leave their country, in search of new opportunities and a better education.  Many a time these get a wrong impression about the lack of perspectives in their own country, being exposed to the media avalanche and lack of information. Moreover, they share their own negative opinions, contributing thus to the land’s negative image abroad.

The field trips program helps in changing this point of view and is meant to improve the image that many kids and teenagers in Romania have about their own country as well as to help them take social, civic and later on, economic and enterprising initiatives in their adult life.

And since German language plays a major part in our endeavor, we also invite children of expats to participate in our trips. It is a win-win situation, since on the one hand Romanian kids acquire directly the native spoken language, on the other hand, expats learn to know and appreciate their new „home” and may also get acquainted with the Romanian language and culture.

And let us not forget an extremely important aspect: Mens sana in corpore sano!

Apart from visiting museums and cultural sites, the little ones will learn to love sport and a healthy life-style. We will climb mountains, we will wonder on paths, go bike riding, accompanied by experienced guides. All these have a major contribution to strengthening the immune system, built-up muscles and create a general state of well-being.