Pay It Forward – Social Initiatives

Our life philosophy focuses on the short Latin saying „Non sibi“(„Not for oneself“). We strongly believe that a life lived without any contribution is a poor and meaningless one.

That is why we concentrate on civic and educational activities in order to mold children’s character in a harmonious way.

By taking part in different activities such as book exchange fairs, reading sessions, waste collection actions, planting trees, visiting homes for elderly or orphanages, kids will become more responsible, altruistic and will gain essential values for themselves and for society.

A significant part of this program is dedicated to the „Explore scholarships”, meant for those children who wish to learn German and/or participate in our trips and camps and are confronted with financial difficulties.

Our volunteers are former students that learned German within our program, since the beginning of the private project, back in 2010 and that participated in over 15 language and cultural field trips, throughout the whole country. The “grown-up kids” and now successful students would like to make their own mark, by helping the little ones in their discovery journey. And so, our “happiness principle” of giving is paid forward.